OMG! Bobrisky Stole US Senator’s Photo, Claims He’s Marrying Him (Photos)

Who is Bobrisky’s husband? Self acclaimed Nigerian Male Barbie, Bobrisky, whose photos went viral yesterday after He claimed to be getting married traditionally to a mystery man. See the uncovered photo of the Man Bobrisky is claiming to be ‘his’ husband below.

The popular cross-dresser shared series of photos on Snapchat claiming his traditional marriage / Introduction rights is holding on Sunday, May 20th, in a private ceremony while gushing about his mystery man.

The ‘barbie’ shared photos of his ‘cute’ husband-to-be while using an emoji to cover his face.

thereafter, Social media users trolled his page with several reactions about the shocking development.

Who is Bobrisky’s Husband?

We have uncovered the face of the man bobrisky claimed to be his husband and its actually a Senator of the United States of America, Senator Eddie Melt.

See photo proof below.

Who is Bobrisky's husband

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