OMG! Linda Ikeji Goes Unclad, Exposes Bare Baby Bump To Shame Kemi Olunloyo (Photos)

Linda Ikeji Exposes Baby Bump To Reply Kemi Olunloyo.

Popular Blogger, Linda Ikeji has taken to her blog to reveal bare baby bump in reply to kemi olunloyo, who alleged that She (Linda) has no ‘womb’ and is unable to bear a kid. See epic reply below.

Here is What Kemi Olunloyo shared initially after the news of Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy went out.

Linda Ikeji Exposes Baby Bump To Reply Kemi Olunloyo

Linda Ikeji in Reply To Kemi Olunloyo Posted:

Here’s the next thing I want to address. Most of the people who know me will tell you that I have a heart of gold and maybe that’s why God never stops blessing me. This woman (you know who…lol) has been trolling me for years and calling me all sorts of unprintable names which I have never responded to.

But when she cried out for help last year, despite the abuses I’ve gotten from her, I sent money to her account. I harbor no hate for anyone, no matter what. And I swear I would have sent more money to her if people around me hadn’t stopped me. I just felt pity for her that she was languishing in prison and no one to help her. And not only did I send money (which I did privately and she made public), I called a few people I know to see what they could do to help bring her out of prison. No matter what, she is a woman, and I am all about women supporting women.

She wrote that I am wearing a prosthetic baby bump…lol. Like I could get away with that in Nigeria? And some folks actually believe it…lol. If I couldn’t have a child, I would proudly adopt. Proudly. I love children so much. But fortunately, God blessed me with a womb to carry my own child.

Lastly, here’s something I want to say to everyone. I remember when I bought my house in Banana Island in 2015, many didn’t believe it. In fact one tweet said ‘If you believe that Linda Ikeji owns a home in Banana Island, I seriously doubt your higher institution certificate’. That’s how much they doubted God’s blessings…lol

Linda Ikeji Exposes Baby Bump To Reply Kemi Olunloyo

See Linda Ikeji’s Bare Baby bump below.

Linda Ikeji Exposes Baby Bump To Reply Kemi Olunloyo

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