Handsome Man Shares Touching Story Of How He Graduated College A Virgin (Photos)

Man Graduate Airforce College A Virgin.

A Twitter user, Neeko, has taken to the social media to share stories of his breakthrough, graduating college as a virgin, even after upperclassmen said it was impossible. See his Testimony and photos below.

Neeko Williams, who is also an advocate for sexual purity took to his Twitter TL to celebrate graduating from college a virgin.

Man Graduate Airforce College A Virgin

He wrote;
When I was a freshman, a few upperclasmen said 

“the day a virgin graduates from A&T is the day that plane takes off”

I guess it’s flying tomorrow. This is just to encourage you to fight for your sexual purity. It is not impossible and it is not unrealistic. #ByHisGrace��✝

Man Graduate Airforce College A Virgin

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