Unbelievable! Pretty UNILAG Graduate Posts “I Suck D1ck Very Well” on Twitter (Shares Photos)

UNILAG Graduate Advertise D1ck sucking Talent On Twitter.

A Nigerian lady and unemployed graduate of The University of Lagos, UNILAG, Rasheedat has taken to Twitter to ‘advertise’ her skills in giving head while advising women to always do so to their spouses. 

UNILAG Graduate Advertise D1ck sucking Talent On Twitter

Rasheedat2, UNILAG Graduate

The lady posted a series of Tweets:

I’m actually good at nothing I have no talent no job ever since i graduated from unilag I’ve searching for jobs but couldn’t find any which makes me sad but I suck d*cks well. (Bl*wjob).

Whenever i come back from mya jobhunting or interviews i always suck my boyfriends c*ck. Joblessness made me love bj .This is why I don’t joke whenever I’m gaggling on a d*ck.

My advice to ladies without talent or job Wake him up with head and send him to bed with head … you could use ice cream on the cap then go ahead and give him long life with the action from your mouth and don’t forget to suck his balls also.

Our kings honestly deserve being treated like a king in reality both inside the house and outside … Always S*ck your Man’s d*ck evey time you’re around him. Please don’t DM me I have a boyfriend . Thank you

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