Photos: Meet Lady Who Says She Has Had S3x With Over ‘1 Million Men’

Kat Lee Who Have Slept With 1 million Men. A former s3x worker who has slept with ‘a million clients’ after a photographer lured her into prostitution as a teen calls for it to be banned.

Kat Lee, from Manchester, has now turned her back on the £140 an hour s3x trade.

According to The Sun UK the S3X worker who claimed to have slept with “one million men” at £140 an hour says prostitution should be banned after walking away from the business.

Kat Lee, 32, from Manchester, has spent 15 years working as a legal “out-call” escort but says the work was lonely, often dangerous and led to drink problems that resulted in her having her stomach pumped.

She said:  “I worked (as an escort) from when I was 18 until I was in my 30s, I must have seen over a million clients.

“I was a teenager when I got into it. It started because of a photoshoot where me and my twin sister were asked to take off our tops and knickers for an adult magazine.

“Later, the photographer said we would be good in adult movies, being twins, and that led to escorting.

“I’m now working as a barmaid and volunteering for various charities because I love to help people. Kat, who grew up in Sunderland, has revealed her clients ranged from those who wanted a relationship to the abusive.

She added: “I grew up in Sunderland and we were racially abused in school because my dad is Arabic, but the bullies later booked me as an escort, so I had the last laugh.

“My clientele was mainly regulars in Manchester, people in the north west and businessmen stopping over at Manchester Airport.

“A typical day would start at 9am but I was never off the clock. People want mornings because they want to release themselves before they go to work.

“You just don’t know when you’re going to be busy, but it’s usually dinnertime and after work at about 6pm, as well as Sundays at 3am.
“I would put my clientele into two types”

See more of her photos below.

Kat Lee Who Have Slept With 1 million Men

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