10 Businesses You Can Do To Make Money In Nigeria This Christmas 2018

Businesses To Do During Christmas 2018 in Nigeria

4. Gift Wrapper / Wrapping

During festive seasons, people exchange gift with their friends, relatives, colleagues and customers. These gifts are wrapped in beautiful christmas – branded gift wraps. So an entrepreneur can make a lot of money by investing on gift wrappers.

You can also take it a step higher by learning how to wrap gifts, you can hang around gift shops to offer the service to needing customers.

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Businesses To Do During Christmas 2018 in Nigeria

5. Clothing (New or Rags)

This is a very old but valid one. Christmas is the time where everybody exhibits their fashion sense. I think kids are even more engrossed when it comes to that. You can start now to plan on how to go about this business. Find out who to order from or perhaps, how to order directly from China to here in Nigeria or anywhere you are.

Decide on your niche, it could be children’s cloth, ladies or men’s wears. Truth is, this business will make you lots of money this upcoming festive Christmas period.

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Businesses To Do During Christmas 2018 in Nigeria6. Livestock / Poultry Business

This spot is well deserved for poultry cause Christmas is nothing without them. Thousands of poultry animals like chickens and turkeys will go through the knife as we celebrate Christmas. When I was thinking about a business to do this seasom, this came to my mind first. I have contacted a carpenter, to help construct their structure. I won’t be going for weeks old chickens cause Christmas isn’t far away.. Chickens needs to stay 4 – 5 months to mature. To beat time, I will be going for two months old chicks.

You can also plan on selling only frozen poultry meat. All you have to do is get a supplier, a shop and a deep freezer. Those who will engage in this poultry business will make lots of money no doubt.


Businesses To Do During Christmas 2018 in Nigeria

7. Christmas Cards

In this era of social media where greetings or messages are sent via a text messages and other social medium platform, there are still some classes of people who prefer to send cards with personal notes and messages.

With this, a willing entrepreneur can consider making customized Christmas cards and have them sold to colleagues and friends. Card making requires creativity with good designs and heart-warming messages that can captivate buyers. Thus, increase patronage.

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Businesses To Do During Christmas 2018 in Nigeria

8. Event Planning / Kiddies Party Organizer

The trend every festive season is for private and nursery schools to organize kiddie’s parties after exams. Even media houses, gardens and amusement parks owners now organize Christmas party for kids’ accompanied by their parents, guardian and friends.

An entrepreneur can decide to organize a Christmas party for a group of children and incorporate great kid’s party game ideas that are fun and not competitive to keep the children well entertained.

Businesses To Do During Christmas 2018 in Nigeria

9. Decorations / Lighting / Christmas Trees / Accessories

The sight of Christmas trees and other decoration accessories are usually phenomenal to behold at home, community centers, offices, religious institutions, supermarkets and various firms. This is another good small-scale business idea.

With a creative mind and the right choice of materials, you are good to go. Others include lights, baubles, candles and fragrance and accents. These décor items are sold at affordable rates while the entrepreneur can make cool cash.

10. Add Yours

Are you an entrepreneur or innovator….Add a business people can do to make money this Christmas. Use the comment section.

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