Meet Zubairu, 19, Who Surprised Girlfriend with a Benz & iPhone X Max on 16th Birthday (Video)

Zubairu Biography | 19 Year Old Who Bought Benz For 16-year-old Girlfriend.

A 100 level student, Zubairu, based in Abuja, Nigeria has been making the trends after gifting his Girlfriend, an SS3 student a Benz, An iPhone X Max and an iWatch on her 16th Birthday.

The young man is reportedly 19 years of age, Yesterday, bought his 16-year-old girlfriend a Benz, iWatch and Iphone X Max, all in a bid to surprise her.

Who is Zubairu?

The Abuja based student, Zubairu, is causing a stir online after he gave his girlfriend, Nihat the ultimate surprised.

He surprised her with a Mercedes Benz, iWatch and an iPhone X Max for her 16th birthday. The girlfriend is said to be an SS3 student.

Zabairu can bee seen in the now viral video leading Nihat to where the Benz is parked, as friends and well wishers gathered to experience the special moment.

19 Year Old Gifts Benz & iPhone X Max to Girlfriend Video

Watch the Trending Video below:

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