Full Video: Father Mbaka Blasts Peter Obi/Atiku Abubakar Over Donation To Church

Mbaka Blasts Peter Obi Video.

There has been an outrage online after a video of Rev. Father Ejike mbaka disgracing Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar’s running mate for not donating Money openly to the church circulated the media space.

Why Fr. Mbaka Disgraced Peter Obi / Atiku Abubakar

In the video, Father Mbaka can be seen disgracing and humiliating former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi for refusing to make tangible donation despite the ex governor telling him that he will make a donation privately.

Many onlookers have berated Rev Fr. Mbaka saying that religious leaders now extort money from politicians under the disguise of holding Church events.

In the video, Fr. Mbaka said Atiku and Peter Obi will end in shame if they continue with the way they are moving. He specifically pointed out that ‘God hates a Stingy Man‘.

Fr. Mbaka Blasts Peter Obi Video

Watch full video as Fr. Mbaka disgraced Peter Obi for not donating money to the church.

Sorry if you don’t understand the Igbo language, English translation of Mbaka disgracing Peter Obi video will be posted here soon.

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