18+ Speed Darlington in Racy Position with a naked Woman

Speed Darlington rests his arm on naked woman’s butt as he discusses his political ambition and love for big butt

Speed Darlington began to trend on social media sometime in 2016 after a couple of his music videos hit the internet. From giving himself titles like “energy god”, “Scorpio king” “ Irregular speedometer” to associating himself with phrases such as “I am not regular” “Inspiring Diddy since 2017”, Speed has proven he is not one to be fazed by anything. One of his most popular hits “bang da dadang” was released in 2017. Despite the backlash from a section of the public, he stays optimistic about his journey to stardom. He constantly refers to himself as an international rapper, always ready to spit a freestyle and never hesitates to request for support or ask for what he wants. 


Speed Darlington had his hand on a woman’s butt in a new video as he spoke about his political ambitions.

The internet sensation, who says he wants to contest in the next Nigeria presidential election, had a naked woman beside him as he made his intentions known.

The naked woman knelt with her bum facing the camera and Speedy rested his arm on the curvy butt. As he spoke, he tapped and grabbed her butt numerous times.

Sharing the video, he wrote: “You your girl have Nike leggings and wasn’t answering your call this past Saturday night that’s because she’s receiving frequency from Scorpion King Akpi!”


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