Blogger and Relationship Expert Builds 7 Bedroom Duplex

Blogger and Relationship Expert Builds 7 Bedroom Duplex After 8 years of Ejection By Her Husband

Okoro Blessing May 2019

Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it. The good news is that it can be built.

Let Okoro Blessing Nkiruka’s story be your motivation.

A whole lot of people hate me because they mistake my confidence for pride.
I walk with so many guts like I own the world and when they see me they be like who the fuck does she think she is.
Guess what?

They always say it behind my back, none of them have been confident enough to tell me to my face, you know why? I am confident about their imagination, I am what they want to be.
Baby girl walk with confidence, raise your head so high and look people straight in the eyes and speak. That is your girl power ……

Let me tell you a story….

After I had an extra year in school and my mates had gone for NYSC, I rewrote my exams and waited for the next batch. I was frustrated and depressed because I was going through divorce and battle of child custody, I needed to go out and keep my mind busy but I had nobody or contact.

So that morning I took one of the suits my ex bought me on my 20th and wore it. I had no transport fair but I was determined to get a job. Since I was still an undergraduate I knew I might not get the best of jobs but I told myself I will get the best of my kind.

So I walked from goldie to Transcorp hotels in Calabar, if u saw me that early morning walking with so much confidence you will think I was walking to pick up my car.

I trekked that morning with my suit and beautiful makeup until I got to Transcop hotels. When I got to the gate my heart started beating, but I held myself and walked into the gate, the gateman stopped me and asked if I had an appointment and I said yes, with the manager.

He greeted me and I walked to the reception boldly and sat down.
I swear to God I was scared because I did not know anybody or my right to my left. I was just seated looking and forming calls. I saw a newspaper so I quickly buried my face in it, but I was looking around.

Until after 40min, I saw one man coming down from the staircase and I walked up to him straight up.
Good morning sir
He replied good morning.
I started.

Sir, please I want to talk to you about something, he said go ahead and I said can we sit, yes that is how confident I am, he said tell me here.
So I started, sir please I need a job, I beg you in the name of God I don’t want to abuse my body when I can work with my hands to survive, sir please help me.

The man looked at me, looked at me again and smiled.
He said, I love your confidence, and to add you have good diction.
Follow me.

He took me straight to the MD and said give her a job. I did not know that I just spoke to one of the biggest shareholders in Transcorp.
And that was it, I never saw him again in my life.
That was my first breakthrough to exposure…..
My confidence gave everything


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