Dare Devil Indian Stunt-Man Missing After Being Lowered Into River (Photos)

Indian stuntman ‘Wizard Mandrake’, 40, is missing after being lowered into the river while tied up with steel chains and rope by a crane  (Photos)

An Indian stuntman is reported missing after he was lowered into the River Ganges in India while tied up with steel chains and rope by a crane. 

Indian stunt man

40-year-old Chanchal Lahiri, known by his stage name ‘Jadugar Mandrake’ (Wizard Mandrake), was lowered into the river by a crane on Sunday as family members, media and police watched on.


Before his trick, he said: ‘If I can free myself it will be magic, if I cannot it will be tragic.’ But the 40-year-old failed to emerge from the water, sparking an immediate search by authorities.

‘We are still searching,’ a family member told AFP.

Indian stunt man Indian stunt man


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