[Full Story] Mannittawiw & Tosin Odunfa: Impostor who ‘disrespected’ Soyinka Uncovered

Mannittawiw University – How Nigerians uncovered Tosin Odunfa

Following his comment, zealous Nigerians took to Tosin Odunfa’s page to know more about him, uncovering his real identity.

Surprisingly, Nigerians discovered that Tosin Odunfa is an impostor and Mannittawiw University is fake!

On twitter, prominent Nigerian users lashed out at him, describing him as desperate. See some of the tweets below:

From JJ. Omojuwa:


From Mark Amaza:


From Kayode Ogundamisi:

Tosin Odunfa Comes Clean, Denies Disrespecting Wole Soyinka

Tosin, jokingly shared another update, Now you’ve probably found out that there is no “University of Mannittawiw”. He also revealed He is not a Lecturer.

Here is what Tosin posted on Instagram:




Wole Soyinka reacts to Mannittawiw Univerisy & Tosin Odunfa

How Did Noble Laureate, Wole Soyinka react to this Incident and Social Media Drama?

Click Link below to find out!

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