President Buhari in closed door meeting today with security chiefs

President Buhari in closed-door meeting today with security chiefs over bloody Shi’ites protests

President Buhari in closed door meeting today with security chiefs over bloody Shi?ites protests

President  Buhari this afternoon entered a closed-door meeting with security chiefs over the repeated bloody Shiites protests in Abuja. The meeting which started at about 4 pm had in attendance the Inspector General of Police Adamu Mohammed and the service chiefs.


Earlier today, President Buhari summoned the IGP to his office where he gave the police chief a matching order to ensure the protection and safety of all Nigerians.


Adamu who spoke with journalists at the end of the meeting early this morning said


 “We came this morning to brief Mr. President on the security situation in the country, especially the activities of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN). Just to give him an update of what is happening in the country vis a vis their activities.

“Specifically we briefed him of the incessant act coming out of this group of people, protesting here and there. We briefed him on the fact that we have been able to curtail their excesses and to let him understand that everything is under control.

The president asked us to make sure we provide security for every citizen of this country and not to leave any space that some group of people will create breakdown of law and order.  So, the charge by Mr. President is that we must provide security for every Nigerian.”

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