Helena Nelson: Shuga actress nu-de video drops on Facebook Live (Watch)

Helena Nelson Shuga Nu-de Video – Nollywood actress and TV series “Shuga” star has bared her nu-de body exposing her b00bs on a live video.

Helena Nelson Shuga Nu-de Video
Helena Nelson with hubby

The former cast member of MTV ‘Shuga’ series bared her bossoms in a Facebook live session with her followers.

Why Helena Nelson released her Nu-de Video

The video she shared herself featured a morning banter with her husband as they brushed in the bathroom and talked about abortion. She further said that her nu-de campaign is to make people get used to seeing b00bs.

We also reported that Instagram Sensation Uju Icy has taken her nuuudity to a whole new level with this video, check it out!

Watch Helena Nelson Shuga Nu-de Video posted on Facebook Live and leave your comment below…

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