Nollywood actor Mike Godson writes an open letter to EFCC to rescue him from impersonators

Mike Godson is fed up with constant harassment and has written an open letter to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCCto rescue him from impersonators using his name and pictures for fraudulent activities online.

The 33-year-old Nollywood actor took to his Instagram page to pen the open letter to  Nigerian law enforcement agency, where he complained about so many fake pages of him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, impersonators are using to defraud people online.

Read the full letter below

DEAR EFCC NIGERIA! My name is Mike Godson I’m an actor with the Nollywood industry.

I’m writing this open letter with tears in my eyes. Few days ago, It was brought to my notice by the chairman of the Actors Guild, in the person of EMEKA ROLLAS. That a woman in America was defrauded by an internet fraudster who pretends to be me. He advised I quickly make an entry at any police station close to me. But the truth is, I have been to all the police station in the past 2 to 3 years, reporting these internet fraudsters tarnishing my image not just as an actor but a responsible Nigerian. 

Some weeks ago, one of them made a Photoshopped nude picture of a white man’s body with my image on it. They have stopped at nothing to convince my fans they are speaking to me. They follow me on Instagram watching my every move, lifting and reposting my videos and pictures on their fake pages of me. THROUGH the police, I have caught, arrested, and detained some of these boys but they won’t stop.

 They have fake pages of me everywhere. FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM TWITTER to name a few. I can no longer cash western union money transfers just because my name has been used a million times to defraud women oversees.

 I’m going crazy, Something must be done to stop this madness. PLEASE! PLEASE! And PLEASE! come to my aid. This is my only verified Instagram account other accounts with my name and image are fake! I humbly await your response thanks and God bless.

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