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Advertise your business with the Best online advertisement website in Nigeria!

Advertise your Brand with Us!


Mynaijainfo offers the best advertising rates in Nigeria, with a monthly reach of over 10 million persons in over 10 platforms. Grow your business in Africa and beyond by taking advantage of our all new SMEs rates.

What can  you Advertise?

Simply, you can advertise anything!

You can put out word to the public, telling them about yourself, about your business, about your brand, about your skill-set or career, even about your future.

Its a digital village out here and you need to scream your presence – that’s exactly what we do!

Millions of persons are waiting to hear from you, so do we.

Best online advertisement website

Lets tell the world what you do!

To place your premium adverts and reach over 10 million persons monthly:

  1. Send us an email Us at [email protected]

  2. Call us or send a whatsapp message at +234 816 494 2225

  3. For more options, please visit our ‘contact us’ page by clicking the link: CONTACT US

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