Niger Delta Militants Attack Soldiers at Bakassi (Photo)

Niger Delta Militants Attack Soldiers At Bakassi. Suspected Niger Delta Militants led by Wanted Kingpin Benjamin Simplee (AKA G1) Yesterday, attacked Troops at the Efut Esighi waterfronts in Bakassi Local Government of Cross River State. This was contained in an official Press Statement released by the Nigerian Military yesterday. Read Press Release Below: […]

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Niger Delta Avengers Killed 4 Soldiers in Bayelsa – JTF

Niger Delta Avengers Killed 4 Soldiers in Bayelsa – JTF Authorities of the Niger Delta Military Task Force known as Operation Delta Safe (ODS) has confirmed that the three arrested killers of four soldiers at a security post in Nembe-Ogbolomabiri Community in Nembe Local Government area of Bayelsa State are members of the Niger Delta [...]

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Just In: Niger Delta Avengers Announce Ceasefire

Niger Delta Avengers Announce Ceasefire. The Niger Delta Avengers have pledged to lay down their weapons and resume talks with the Nigerian government after months of attacks on the country’s oil and gas infrastructure that have crippled the economy. […]

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Niger Delta Avengers Split, Faction to Expose Others

Niger Delta Avengers Divides, Factions Threatens to Expose Activities. A crack has appeared within the ranks of the militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), with the breakaway group announcing itself as the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA). The split was announced in a statement signed by one Cynthia White. According to the statement, the [...]

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Breaking: Niger Delta Avengers Twitter Handle Blocked

Breaking: Niger Delta Avengers Twitter Handle Blocked. The twitter handle of Dreaded Militant group The Niger Delta Avengers has been suspended. This was reportedly suspended yesterday by Twitter in effort to curb the menace caused by the group. See tweet message received when Trying to visit the handle after the cut . . . [...]

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Buhari Meets Niger Delta Chiefs Over Militancy (Photos)

NIGER DELTA AVENGERS: BUHARI DIALOGUE’S WITH NIGER DELTA CHIEFS. President Muhammadu Buhari has Yesterday, Met with representatives of the Niger Delta who make up the Dialogue Team. The President says his administration would rebuild Nigeria, including the Niger Delta region, and therefore solicits patience and understanding from the citizenry. He also pointed out that His [...]

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Niger Delta Avengers: FG Withdraws Military Troops from Niger Delta, See Why!

Niger Delta Avengers: Military Actions Suspended in the Niger Delta. The Nigerian government has ordered the immediate withdrawal of troops from communities in the Niger Delta region, amidst allegations of a heavy-handed military response to renewed attacks on oil and gas installations in the area. A new group called the Niger Delta Avengers has declared [...]

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MNI Fresh: “GoodLuck Jonathan Founded Niger Delta Avengers”

“GoodLuck Jonathan Founded Niger Delta Avengers” The Former president of Nigeria, Dr Ebele Goodluck Jonathan has been accused of founding the New deadly Militant group called Niger delta Avengers (NDA) recently blowing up oil platforms in the Niger Delta. Click link to read more… […]

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MNI Fresh: New Niger Delta Group Bombs Chevron Oil platform

The latest Niger New Niger Delta Group Bombs Chevron Oil platform. New Niger Delta militant group, named the Niger Delta Avengers, which has gradually gained momentum in the Niger Delta region, has on Wednesday, blown up the Chevron Valve Platform in Delta State. […]

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